Standardized Dress Policy

Pants, skirts, shorts, or Capris:

–   Solid color cotton twill material

–   Allowed colors: black, khaki, navy

–   Pegged pant legs are prohibited

–   Pants/ shorts must be worn securely, at the proper height, around the waist

–   Belts of a SOLID color must be worn: black, orange, gray, or white

Polo style shirts

–   Must be a solid school color:  burgundy, dark green, gold, light blue,  navy blue, purple, red, yellow, black, gray, or white

–   Shirts must be tucked into pants with no “blousing”

–   Undershirts must be of a solid school color: black, orange, gray, or white

–   Outdoor jackets or Sweaters must be worn open at all times (No Red)

–   NO pullover/hooded sweatshirts

For Campus Security, we ask that you do not purchase RED shoes or RED backpacks.

School Supplies

Backpack: Clear or Mesh (No RED) - 1 P.E. bag School Scissors (Not Pointed) -  1 Pencil Sharpener
6 Composition Notebooks 1 pack of Highlighters & Colored Pencils
2 packs of Pencils, Pens, Erasers 7 packs Notebook Paper (200 sheets each)
 3 Folders with brads and pockets   6 Composition notebooks
 1 - 3 subject notebook 1 - 1" binder    3 boxes of facial tissue - 1 pencil bag or box

ID Badges

In order to provide a safe and secure environment, all students will be issued a Stovall identification badge. Your child's first ID badge will be issued free of charge with a black ID lanyard. Students are expected to display their ID badges around their necks at all times during the school day on the black ID lanyard provided. Students will be required to purchase a temporary badge for $1.00 each day they do not have their ID badge. There will be a $5.00 charge for replacement badges if an ID is lost, destroyed or defaced.